Supported Students

August 16, 2018

Kevin Reuther, University of the West of Scotland, won the prize for best research presentation for his paper entitled “Identifying Barriers to Entrepreneurship – A Systems Theory Approach” at the 24th ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference in Stuttgart, Germany. This prize was given to the best presentation of a full research paper out of approximately 200 contributions from professors, senior researchers and doctoral students. Kevin was happy to thank RADMA for its support.

March 2020

Congratulations to Joey Soehardjojo, Cardiff University, who has been named the winner of the Labour and Employment Relations Association’s 2020 Thomas A Kochan and Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Awards Competition, for his paper entitled “Knowledge and HRM Practice Transfer in Emerging Economies: The Case of Japanese Joint Ventures in Indonesia”, completed at Warwick Business School.  From the committee: “This transnational research is pioneering in combining the insights of both the International HRM and Industrial Relations literatures in an understudied emerging economy (EME).  This study is likely to challenge our existing understanding of “Japanization” and deepen our knowledge of the industrial relations of South and East Asia more broadly.”