The R&D Management Journal

RADMA along with WileyBlackwell is proprietor of the R&D Management Journal – the journal of research, technology and innovation management (ISSN 0033-6807).  The R&D Management Journal is published in five issues per year. For more information or to submit a paper please visit the Journal’s website

Top 10 downloaded articles 2016

  1. Gassmann, O., Enkel, E., Chesbrough, H.  The future of open innovation.
  2. Enkel, E., Gassmann, O., Chesbrough, H.  Open R&D and open innovation: exploring the phenomenon.
  3. Luthje, C., Franke, N. The “making” of an entrepreneur: testing a model of entrepreneurial intent among engineering students at MIT.
  4. Chesbrough, H., Crowther, A.  Beyond high tech: early adopters of open innovation in other industries.
  5. Spieth, P., Schneckenberg, D., Ricart, J.   Business model innovation – state of the art and future challenges for the field.
  6. Schiederig, T., Tietze, F., Herstatt, C. Green innovation in technology and innovation management – an exploratory literature review.
  7. Dodgson, M., Gann, D., Salter, A.   The role of technology in the shift towards open innovation: the case of Procter and Gamble.
  8. Gassmann, O.  Opening up the innovation process: towards an agenda.
  9. Spieth, P., Schneckenberg, D., Matzier, K.  Exploring the linkage between business model (&) innovation and the strategy of the firm.
  10. Lichtenthaler, U.  Outbound open innovation and its effect on firm performance: examining environmental influences.

Source: WileyBlackwell.